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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Floor Singapore

Vinyl is a practical and popular flooring material which comes in a large selection of colours and designs. It is hassle-free to maintain and is easy on your budget. It can mimic the look (though not the texture) of the other costlier materials rather well and can achieve your design objective with only a fraction of the cost.

A hard-wearing flooring option, vinyl has water- and stain- resistant qualities and is versatile to work with. It is a good option for an environment that needs to be constantly free-of-dust, such as clinics, hospitals and childcare centres.

Vinyl Flooring comes primarily in three forms – sheet, tile and strip.Vinyl Sheet - Like roll carpet, vinyl sheet is available in wide rolls of mostly 1.82m by 10m or 2m by 2m. The size and seamless quality of vinyl sheet is its main advantage, as it can be installed in just one or two uncut sheets. Other than the aesthetic value that a single sheet creates, it prevents water from seeping into tiny seams and damaging your floor. When installing vinyl sheet, all you need to do is to make sure that its edges are secured and any overlapping pieces are sealed. On the other hand, a large vinyl sheet is bulky and awkward to handle, making it difficult for you to install without professional help. Also, vinyl sheets are generally pricier than vinyl tiles.

Vinyl Tile - Vinyl tile shares many of the properties as vinyl sheet and is identical in construction except that it's often in a standard size 12"x 12". The tile-sized characteristic makes vinyl tile a practical choice. If a vinyl sheet floor is stained or damaged, you have to either replace the entire sheet or mend the affected area with an unsightly patch. For vinyl tile, you only need to replace the affected tiles.

Vinyl Tiles also allow you to be creative with your floor design. Individual pieces can be mixed and matched to create elaborate patterns.

Vinyl Strip - vinyl strip, or vinyl plank, is a hybrid product that allows your floor to resemble the look of wood while remain water resistance at the same time. It usually comes in strips measuring 6"x 36" and has a variety of wood grains and colour choices. With a thickness of 2mm or 3mm, vinyl planks are thinner and cheaper than hardwood and laminate flooring.

Maintaining Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is very easy to maintain, requiring only an occasional sweep or vacuum, follow by a mop. You do not need to spend on special cleaning agents to clean your floor. Most spills can be handled with just water and detergent.

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