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Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring Installation

Carpet brings a warm and soothing intimacy feel to homes and can brighten up a room with its colours and designs.

Broadloom Carpet and Carpet Tiles

Carpet brings a warm and soothing intimacy feel to homes and can brighten up a room with its colours and designs. The luxurious and comforting feel of soft, cushioned floor under the feet can be achieved with no other types of flooring but carpeting.

Carpet is the only flooring material that actually absorbs sound and reduces noise. It hides irregularities in subfloors and can be installed over different surfaces. It is made with either natural fibres, such as wool, or man-made materials, such as nylon and polypropylene (or Olefin), which are better at retaining colours, and are stain and fire resistant. Carpet is constructed using a variety of methods, such as woven, tufted or fusion-bonded. Most carpets today are tufted, which is produced by sewing, rather than weaving the yarn, to a synthetic backing.

Carpet is also categorized by the style of pile, that is, the visible surface of the carpet. Loop piles have a pile surface consisting of uncut loops, which may be woven or tufted. The loops help keep the dirt on the surface. These carpets are easier to maintain and they last longer. As the density, thickness and weight of the fibers determine the quality and the price of carpets, the longer and thicker loops, the more upscale the carpet this. In cut-pile carpets, each fiber loop is cut, making individual carpet strands. A carpet fabric in which the face is composed of a combination of cut ends of pile yarns and loops is known as cut-loop or patterned pile.

The main types of the carpet sold in the market today are broadloom carpets, carpet tiles and Axminister carpets. Here are some characteristics of the more popular broadloom carpets and carpet tiles.

Broadloom carpet or roll carpet, as its name suggests, is any type of carpet produced on a very wide loom. It comes in standard sizes of 12' or 13' and could cover large floor space without showing any unsightly seams. It is also good for noise absorption and insulation, making it suitable for studios or home theatres. The backing of a broadloom carpet is highly durable and is often the choice carpet for areas with heavy traffic.

Carpet Tiles come in 0.5- or 0.6-metre tile-like squares and are often used for commercial projects. The backing of carpet tiles is either made of bitumen or P.V.C. Because individual tiles can be easily removed and replaced without having to re-carpet the entire area, carpet tiles are popular for their practicality and flexibility. On the other hand, the piles of carpet tiles tend to be shorter, and hence are less durable compared to broadloom carpets. Carpet tiles are available in many different patterns. When installing carpet tiles, you can choose to lay them creative ways - tiles arranged in one uniformed direction, in quarter turn style or even in brick formation.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

- It is worthwhile to invest in a carpet that is stain-resistant if you have children or pets in your home. Loop pile carpets are not suitable for pets as their claws could be trapped by the loops.
- Choose carpets with hypoallergenic fibre that prevents dust mites and fungal growth if you or your family members are prone to allergies.
- Vacuum carpet regularly to prolong its lifespan and clean any stains on it immediately with non-bleach, mild detergent.
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